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Reverse Phone Lookup

A Reverse Phone Lookup is just the opposite as a forward search. To understand that statement you will need to know what a forward search is. A forward search is when a users is looking for a phone number or address of another person. The users knows the person's name so he/she uses a forward search to enter the name of the person they are trying to search and hopefully are returned with the phone numbers and addresses of that person being searched.

Now that you know what a forward lookup is, a reverse phone lookup is just the opposite. Instead of searching by the persons name you would search by the person's phone number. Obviously, you would need to know the person's phone number to run a reverse lookup. Reverse phone lookups are becoming more popular because of cell phones. Since pretty much everybody owns a cell phone it is very common to receive a phone call from a phone number that we do not recognize. This is when a reverse phone lookup would come in handy.
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